Our Experience as Parents of a Child with Special Needs

When our daughter was two years old, she was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder (SPD). This disorder manifests itself in different ways, including behavioral problems, anxiety and tactile defensiveness — a hypersensitivity to different forms of touch.

When we learned our daughter had SPD, our lives changed forever. We knew we had to do everything we could to help her thrive.

While we were able to find some wonderful occupational therapy centers, preschool programs and parent support groups, one thing was missing… Where could we go to find a sitter who was equipped to meet our daughter's emotional and behavioral needs?

A Community of Families in Need

As we began to speak with other parents of children with special needs, we realized that there was an entire community of people just like us. Over and over, we heard similar stories.

"We've gone through sitter after sitter…"

"We thought we'd found a sitter who had special needs experience, but her qualifications were greatly exaggerated…"

"Our family is worn out. We can't keep asking our parents to help…"

"We're exhausted. We need a break and don't know where to turn…"

Through these conversations and our own challenges finding a sitter, we realized that a need was not being met. We put our heads together, spoke with top experts in Denver, and decided to create a sitting service — Specialized Sitters — specifically for families with children with special needs.

Keeping Your Child's Best Interests in Mind

"Special needs" is a very broad term, but it can elicit a very narrow picture in people's minds. We define a "child with special needs" as any young person under the age of 18 who can benefit from a patient, understanding and compassionate sitter.

Our goal is to give you the peace of mind that you've hired the best Denver sitters for your child. We welcome your feedback, and we hope that Specialized Sitters gives your family much-needed relief.

Nancy and Joseph Ban
Specialized Sitters
Denver, Colorado